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Kennedy Summers fills out a short sundress nicely

03.23.2017by: No Cool Handle

A model, an actress, a former Playboy Playmate of the Year; and daytime stock trader? That's right, beyond an innate ability to look incredible wearing a tiny sundress, Kennedy Summers (30) uses both her brains and her boobs in equal measure – usually the scales tip towards one or the other. She plans on being a doctor, is penning a book about finance for women, has a bachelors degree in anthropology and holds a masters in health administration. Not only did she make hundreds of thousands of dollars doing the "nude model thing" for Playboy, but this brainy blonde makes up to $600 a day short-term trading. Here she is taking time from writing a book, studying to be a plastic surgeon and trading stocks to attend the premiere of YOU CAN'T HAVE IT – some obscure, low-budget release – giving her brain a rest and putting her body to work. Here's a woman who will stimulate your intellect as well as your loins.

Source: Got Celeb


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