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Kendra Wilkinson joins Amber Rose's Slutwalk movement in lace & cutoffs

10.03.2016by: Cherry Liquor

Last week, my co-worker Droz asked the question, "What does a long haired Amber Rose do for you?". The answer, for me, is: not much. I actually love Amber exactly as she usually is, with that shaved head and exaggerated curves and melodic quality when she speaks to express herself. (OK, I lied. She looked f*cking awesome with the hair too.) While not many people will quite understand or want to make fun of Amber's now annual SlutWalk, you can't knock the fact that with very little support and all of that mocking, she's still raising money to support groups that help women who have been the victims of rape, sexual assault, violence and other abuse. I applaud anyone who does something positive and selfless on the behalf of my gender, no matter how they go about it. It's the heart that matters most and Rose has a lot of heart.

Another person who the public tends to snicker at but I enjoy a lot? Former Playboy Playmate and star of The Girls Next Door, Kendra Wilkinson. She's taken some turns in her life that most would be afraid to navigate (attempting to work through a relationship where infidelity had occurred, especially when the tabloids kept mocking the fact that the other woman had been born male, for one example) and never hesitates to be herself, even if that comes off as a dippy blonde with little brainpower. I honestly don't mind if a person isn't a member of Mensa so long as they're not a mean asshole. Kendra posts pictures of her stretched out stomach, the least romantic thing a erotic model can do. She laughs loudly and proudly, even though she admits that she knows it makes her face wonky. And despite all of the shit people talk about her for dressing inappropriately for being a mother, she just keeps doing what she's doing and ignores the haters. I'd much rather be her buddy than (insert name of highly regarded, well known intellectual that the majority tends to hold in esteem).

Source: E! Online


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