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Kendra Wilkinson is the kind of Bad Mom you want to get in good with

07.28.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Wow. I had no idea just how much I've been missing Kendra Wilkinson. I haven't been keeping up on her reality shows, mainly because it seemed to feature some depressing marital problems that make a tabloid editor's head sparkle with dollar signs. And while I regularly comment that I don't watch reality television shows, I became an avid "Girls Next Door" fan after getting a whiff of its weirdness through clips on "The Soup." I devoured the first couple of seasons in a binge and discovered that the girls were bizarrely charming with their staged antics, especially Wilkinson, who seemed dedicated to the concept of being a, well, white person who boldly embraces black culture. The gold grill she gets, the terminology that she drops, that maniacal giggle. Seeing her on the red carpet for the Los Angeles premiere of BAD MOMS makes me smile. Not just because she's showing off that awesome investment of a chest of hers but because I love that she's still just as weird and wacky as ever. Plus, any woman who can post realistic pictures of her post-baby body on Instagram without filters earns major cred in my book.
Source: In Touch Weekly


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