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Kendall Jenner's see through dress proves it's what's underneath that counts

08.08.2016by: No Cool Handle

When it comes to the Jenner's and the Kardashians, my opinions align with the majority of objectionable views; those views that constantly manifest in the form of straight up hate speech. The only exception being the ever perky Kendall Jenner, or as I think of her: the hot one. That's right, I said it– Kendall is hot. So hot (to me, anyway), her family ties don't even factor into the equation. I fail to see how Kendall isn't attractive: nice, bite-sized boobs bolted to a petite frame; long, raven-dark hair and smooth caramel skin – who give gives a shit about her bloodline? There are plenty of young hotties out there who are famous for no other reason than because of the sexually stimulating factor, although, I will admit, the amount of vapid airtime given to following them around is, inarguably, questionable. Now, if Ms. Jenner was constantly wearing outfits like the one in this photo set – where her pierced nipple topography was as clear as the light of day – I can see the need for constant camera time.

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