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Kendall Jenner is the one good thing to come from the Kardashian travesty

06.16.2016by: Droz

Every new Kim Kardashian spread arrives with fresh diatribes against the entire surviving Kardashian clan. Fair enough. They deserve as much criticism as can be thrown at them and then some. Whenever this ire rises, I feel the need to separate Kendall Jenner from that lot. For one thing, she isn't a Kardashian. Yes, she is part of that whole lot and as such not entirely immune from their various "look at me" antics. However, compared to her kin, Kendall is the most tame where this sort of attention-seeking thing goes. She's also the most beautiful out of them all, with a body as insanely perfect as any I've seen. I'm still not sure if modelling can be considered a talent. More like a good roll in the genetic lottery. But however you describe it, Kendall has got legitimate assets which make her deserving of celebrity she's attained, more so than any of her sisters. Just check her out in this swimsuit spread below. I know as a rule we're supposed to shun everything and everyone in any way connected to the Kardashians, but I just don't feel that way about Kendall. She's got hottie cred sufficient to single her out from the rest of that loathsome pack.

Source: NSFW


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