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Kelly Rohrbach's liberated nipple during a Malibu beach shoot

05.25.2016by: No Cool Handle

Even when models sign on to do implied nudity – fighting to preserve their fully exposed bits for the sake of dignity or a loved one – the eventuality that some time, some part of them (the nipple, in this instance) is going to betray there will and break free of their fabric imprisonment is practically a mathematical certitude, an inevitability, an absolute; just plain unavoidable. So it went for rookie model, and phony lifeguard, Kelly Rohrbach and her refuse-to-be-oppressed right tit; looking suspiciously small when not propped up by way of deceitful apparel. Among this collection are an assorted bunch of goodies. We find our subject in a ample amount of provocative positions – ass shots, see-throught, bent over, all fours and arched back pics aplenty. Who's behind this photo shoot? – I'm not sure. To what end? To build on the hype already surrounding the new BAYWATCH movie. Now if only we can get Alexandra Daddario to hop on the hype-building train and let something, anything, slip.

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