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Kelly Rohrbach takes a break from T&A duty on the Baywatch set to visit GQ Mexico

04.04.2016by: Cherry Liquor
With the near daily coverage we've had from the Georgia set of the BAYWATCH movie, you'd think we'd be tired of all the T&A getting flung about. But nah... Especially when it's cute Kelly Rohrbach, who is the cover model for the April 2016 issue of GQ Mexico where she's seen in - surprise, surprise, surprise - a bunch of swimwear with her T&A fully on display. I love that when Kelly notices the paparazzi on the fringes of those set shoots she seems super happy to have the attention. There's something endearing about her wide, toothy smile, although I'm sure the trappings of fame will smash that into the ground faster than a 3-year old dropping a Fudgsicle on a white carpet while visiting its uptight in-laws. Sweet until it's not so sweet anymore. Which is a pity. I recall that in the early days of Pamela Anderson's career, prior to all the gossip rags following her about after her marriage to Tommy Lee, she was equally as happy to court the camera lens. With Rohrbach filling out Pam's red suit in the big screen adaptation, I can only hope that she stays away from hair metal musicians, the 20-teens equivalent being, what? Justin Bieber? Oh how I weep for this current generation.
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