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Kelly Rohrbach showering in public

05.04.2016by: No Cool Handle

For those who've ever wondered what Kelly Rohrbach looks like in the shower, these images from the set of BAYWATCH should give you a pretty good idea. Sure, you probably imagined her without the red one piece and covered in suds, but you gotta take what you can get. There's ass shots o' plenty, beads of water running down Kelly's legs and that wet swim suit clinging to her bod; all visible to those with at least one functioning eye. Not bad! Why all of those most fortunate civilians, lucky enough to be at the beach this day, aren't taking pics with there phones? - I couldn't tell you. I was hoping this was for one of those montages they used to do on the BAYWATCH series, shot with a Phantom Flex camera at 1,500 frames per second. Could you image the super slow motion sexiness that would result in?

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