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Kelly Rohrbach saves lives with her ample T&A

03.31.2016by: Droz

Have you caught on to the theme here yet? Yes, we're celebrating great backsides today. Speaking of celebrating beautiful things, I know we're supposed to be focusing the bulk of our raging hormonal impulses on Alexandra Daddario's escapades before the camera as a life saver on LA beaches in all these BAYWATCH pics. And she is giving us some great eye candy, for certain. However, thus far I'm getting a lot more out of the action swirling around Kelly Rohrbach's ass-to-mouth-to-mouth action. Not only is she showing off just as much, if not more boob in her red one piece, but the ass action is also quite a step up from Alexandra's displays. I don't know if you've noticed, but the Alexandra we're seeing here is a little different from the one who got her full frontal perfection happening on True Detective. This new iteration of Alex is a more toned version, not quite as filled out where the T&A is concerned. Kelly is a bit more reminiscent of Alexandra's look back in the day. She's also the only one of the two who has actually done her character's job thus far, which is saving lives. Surely an ass like Kelly's could coax any drowning victim back to life.

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