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Kelly Rohrbach killing it at The Force Awakens premiere

12.17.2015by: No Cool Handle

I can't recall if it was on the Blu-ray commentary track of Star Wars: Episode Four or on some behind the scenes documentary where I first heard about George Lucas's theory on bras. Carrie Fisher was talking wardrobe design and how a discussion between her and Mr. Lucas prompted him to say, "there are no bra's in space." It's funny when you think about that loose logic. Later in Jedi we find out there are bikini tops, which are basically the same thing. It's obvious Lucas was just indulging in his perverted proclivities. Anyway, DiCaprio's dame, Kelly Rohrbach, must have seen the same video and dressed in accordance. The sizzling hot blonde showed up to The Force Awakens premier unsupported and in something sheer. You have to make a slight effort, but the nipples are visible to the naked eye. She's sexy, and that dress sets a standard for all women of her caliber on how to dress for events catered to the nerdiest of nerds. 

Source: The Nip Slip


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