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Kelly Rohrbach does the bouncing Baywatch run for Harper's Bazaar

02.25.2016by: No Cool Handle

Kelly Rohrbach's got the bounce, I'll give her that. However, I'm not sold on her fantasy girl appeal a la Pam Anderson in her prime. There's something about her that's better suited for Nicole Eggert's character, Summer, than the centerfold sex symbol that was C.J. parker. When Pam was tapped to don the famous red one-piece, the players on Wall street went long on Kleenex stock. Does Kelly have it like that? Alexandra Daddario does, yet in Seth Gordon's take (currently filming), he saw the more wholesome characteristics of Summer. I can't help but think a true visionary would have lunged at the opportunity to make Alexandra Daddario into the lustful icon she's destined to be - that's what C.J.'s character was. Who do you think would've been the best choice to play C.J.? Is Kelly the obvious choice and I just don't see it? Take a look at her Baywatch run - it's admittedly awesome watching those cheeks and those tits bounce - to give yourself an idea of her capacity to stimulate. Then leave your inspired casting choice in the comment section below.

Extra Tidbit: If Daddario's off the table; I'm going with the obvious choice... Charlotte McKinney. This is Baywatch. Acting chops is not a requisite.
Source: Harper's Bazaar


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