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Kelly Rohrbach brings more of that Baywatch booty

03.09.2016by: Droz

What do you think? Should we just do a daily update on the current state of hotness coming from the set of the BAYWATCH movie? Maybe just make it a new column. We probably could, as the set of this thing is crawling with photographers, snapping like crazy pretty much every move the movie's current two chief hotties are up to. Now, I get that Ms. Daddario is the primary draw for most of you. That goes without saying where most things are concerned. However, it seems like Alex's hottie co-star, Kelly Rohrbach, is doing better by the traditions set forth by the original Baywatch. She's rocking the one piece with the tits popping out, as exampled in these pics where she's giving some lucky ET interviewer renewed enthusiasm for his job. I can't say for sure why Alexandra hasn't slipped into that characteristic crimson suit yet. Maybe she's playing some kind of initiate at this point in the shooting schedule. Or perhaps this is just her character's day off. Whatever the situation, far be it from me to deprive you of any chance at seeing Alexandra in a swimsuit. So here's the first, official pic of her in her lifeguard costume. She could rescue me anytime.

Alexandra Daddario Baywatch
Source: Superior Pics


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