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Kelly Rohrbach and GQ give us a preview of what her Baywatch will look like

07.07.2016by: Droz

I know for a fact I wont be seeing BAYWATCH when it comes out. It's one of those one can assume is going to be stupid even before it's done and anyone has had a chance to see it. The whole idea of resurrecting this justly buried relic from the 90s is rife with goofy. However, as with many a previous movie of this kind, I shall gladly partake of the inevitable gifs which will surely flood the internet once this movie makes it to home video. Obviously anything involving Alexandra Daddario will be the most sought after images there, but I wouldn't underestimate Kelly Rohrbach's contribution to this influx of imagery made using the Graphics Interchange Format. Just check out her GQ spread this month to get an understanding of why she is no one you want to overlook there. For one thing, out of all the various hotties they've cast in this, it's Kelly who can't seem to keep her one piece zippered up for long. I also happen to enjoy the way her ass looks in said one piece. Isolating these precious moments from what will surely be a lot of beach side cheese sounds like the perfect way to watch this movie to me.

Source: GQ


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