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Kelly Kelly goes another round in a thong

03.03.2017by: No Cool Handle

After her second bikini-clad appearance this week, I'm starting to wonder why Kelly Kelly hasn't been a more recognized hottie on the Internet. Honestly, unless you're tuned into all things WWE, you, not unlike me, haven't even heard of Kelly Kelly (now going by the name Barbara Blank). You would think such a hard bodied blonde would leave quite a footprint on social media – or anywhere on the World Wide Web – by now. I've been so impressed with her ass pics of late, it shan't be long before I'm rummaging through her Twitter account, looking for the next tantalizing image to sate my sudden urge for all things Kelly. Who knows, before long I may even find myself watching some of her old wrestling matches on YouTube. I could think of worse – much less stimulating – ways to waste a few hours of my life.

Source: Got Celeb


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