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Kelly Brook's LA misery continues, now with more ass in tights

10.16.2013by: Droz

Day whatever of Kelly Brook in LA brings more misery and more "I don't give a shit" attitude from our favorite English babe as she does whatever she's doing in the City of Angels. Curious the difference between Kelly's appearance during her time in LA and the average street scene goings on back home in jolly ole England. Take, for instance, the photo below:

Here is your average candid shot of Kelly when out and about in London. As you can see, she's perfectly appointed, make up expertly applied and a healthy glow radiating out from her like the Virgin Mary reborn as she lights up the world with her smile. Now check out Kelly in LA below. She's got the hoodie, no make up, workout gear and the grim visage worn most often by the miserable. Pretty big difference. Now, you know I'm down with Kelly no matter her condition. Still, is she saying something here? Does Kelly feel like she need not put any effort into impressing us yanks? Perhaps Kelly doesn't feel like she gets enough love from us on the other side of the pond and therefore phones it in when she comes here.

Or maybe they just have a better class of paparazzi over in England who are considerate enough to invade Kelly's privacy only when she's ready for their intrusion. I'm sure that's the case. LA is the epicenter of scumbag paps who seem to prefer capturing celebs at their worst. It wouldn't surprise me if they had a zoom lens aimed at her hotel window right now. They just better not be getting in the way of my shot.


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