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Kelly Brook's 2016 calendar in glorious high resolution images

12.16.2015by: No Cool Handle

Not just a couple of months ago we received our first tease of the Kelly Brook 2016 calendar. It consisted of six months of medium quality ass and boob shots. Now we've got all 12, high quality images, providing you with a years worth of spank material. It's no surprise that the recently released six photos pretty much feature all the same glorious bits the previous ones do. But, if your true blue Kelly Brook fan you know you could shoot those massive mounds a million different ways without dampening their impact. This women is supremely photogenic, and this randy set of year-round sexiness adds a great big punctuation mark to that statement. Besides the boobs – complete with rock hard nips – we get some awesome shots of her legs, ass and beautiful puss. I meant her face you freakin pervs.

Source: Got Celeb


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