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Kelly Brook taking her massive mammaries for an afternoon stroll

07.29.2015by: No Cool Handle

Is there anything else to be said about the most curvaceous model in the biz? I'm not sure, but here I go. On a not so sunny afternoon in London - Kelly Brook model extraordinaire - hopes to go unnoticed as she sidewalk struts hand-in-hand with her boyfriend she met in the 50s; and it's here the problem emerges. With tits of that scale, going unnoticed is an unrealistic aspiration. I doubt even wearing a potato sack for a blouse would hide those flesh mounds. Rightfully so; as such things are not meant to be left to the imagination. Her intent should always be to keep people fixated on her once in a generation body. Speaking of generation - what era is her male counterpart harking back to? Was that style really a premeditated look, or was she walking him home from his audition for the remake of The Outsiders?

Extra Tidbit: .between those huge sweating tits that hung enormous; the way you think of Gods as big -Edward Norton (Fight Club)
Source: Got Celeb


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