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Kelly Brook flaunts her expanding bust on an Ischia island getaway

07.18.2016by: No Cool Handle

Not all people gain weight the same way. For some it goes to the gut, for others, it goes straight to the ass. In the case of British pin-up babe Kelly Brook, the bulk of her weight gain is evenly distributed across both tits, inflating the famous pair to a cartoonishly large size. They're so absurdly large at this point, that... they're just beautiful. Is it because she's a little self-conscious about her extra padding why we haven't seen her fill out a bikini during her Italian Isle getaway? If that's so, why did she Instagram an awesome bikini picture? – one that proves she still looks as delectable as ever. Perhaps the Italian paparazzi were off their game on that day. They still manage to capture a set featuring the busty Brit donning a one-piece. Before my time on this earth is over, I hope to see a photo featuring Charlotte McKinney and Kelly Brook giving each other a topless hug. Just imagine those massive mounds of flesh mashed together for our viewing enjoyment.

Source: ns4w


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