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Kelly Brook uses her boobs to sell shoes

10.08.2015by: Droz

My girl Kelly Brook was back home in London the other day, doing a little salesmanship for the Sketchers brand of athletic shoes. It's funny, I haven't owned a pair of Sketchers in years. I haven't looked at any Sketchers or had an awareness of Sketchers even existing at this point. If you told me they folded sometime around the early 2000s, I'd believe you. Yet after seeing Kelly holding them up in close proximity to her massive tits, I'm thinking I should go check out what kind of offerings they have nowadays. Thus the power of tits, particularly Kelly's tits. Those boobs and that smile could sell sandboxes to Saudis. If she were standing before me with a tray full of dog shit for sale, I'd only ask if there was a limit on how much I could buy. I'd do anything to make her happy. If only she felt the same.

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