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Kelly Brook shares her infectious smile with NYC & Sirius Radio

04.17.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I don't have Sirius XM Radio because I don't have a fancy car or the desire to pay for satellite radio. I'm not so much old fashioned as I am cheap. But I think the appeal of our favorite busty British babe, Kelly Brook is universal. Sure, we all aren't going to jump up and start watching her sitcom, but most of us would venture out in New York to get a chance to spy Brook in this tight lace number she's got on. Heck, we probably wouldn't even be embarrassed to be caught mid "DAYUM" face like this fella was.

If you're not close to New York and not up for watching "One Big Happy," there's always the chance to potentially enjoy Kelly in TAKING STOCK, an upcoming comedy from female director Maeve Murphy. The film is billed as a funny take on a BONNIE & CLYDE scenario. Which sounds about as funny as "One Big Happy," but perhaps I should reserve judgment until I've watched it.
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