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Kelly Brook is all dressed down and soon to be liquored up

03.25.2015by: ResidentRiddle64

Imagine working in a liquor store for a couple of years. You hate your boss, your hours are too much and dealing with all the homeless and potential robbers has got you wanting to say, "Screw you!!!" to everyone and their mom. Suddenly, Kelly Brook walks in wearing some ridiculously tight jeans and a short blouse that exposes her sexy midriff and she tells you in that lovely British accent of hers, "Good day there, sir. How are you? Right. I'd like a box of your finest Tito's Vodka, please. Thanks, love. My you're so handsome and by the looks of it you have a really good personality and seem like you're probably a pretty funny fellow. You'd probably treat me really well and respect me, but still show that you care in the best way possible." Sorry, I'm just imagining her talking to me is all. Cause I would treat you good, Kelly. I would! Anyway, throwing back about six bottles of vodka with Kelly on this lovely Wednesday afternoon sounds pretty freaking wonderful, but I'll just have to keep imagining that by looking at these pictures right here. Thank goodness for my wonderful imagination. 

Source: Celebmafia


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