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Kelly Brook happily brings her two big ones to the One Big Happy TCA panel

01.19.2015by: Droz

Looking over all the actors and actresses at this year's various TCA panels, you quickly get the impression that American TV networks have run out of viable American actors and actresses to cast in their shows. That's probably because they've got every decent actor already cast in the 15 million identical police/crime/law/fireman shows they all air over and over on a nightly basis. That's forced them to broaden their search for actors into other continents. Thus Kelly Brook being a part of this NBC sitcom One Big Happy. I've talked about this show before, but the basic gist of it centers around a lesbian (played by Elisha Cuthbert) who gets preggers by her childhood friend who brings awkwardness when he gets quickie married to Kelly's character. Sounds like the sort of show I'll only watch in compilations featuring shots of Kelly's tits, of which I'm sure there will be many. Why else would you cast Kelly in your show? I love Kelly, but even I know she's never gonna win any acting awards. But watch for yourself below and see. Who knows? It could be that a sufficient amount of Kelly getting naked and low cut is all you need to keep a show going. It's worked for that 2 Broke Girls show.

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