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Kelly Brook gets all gooey over her new phone

07.06.2015by: Droz

One thing we've come to know fairly definitively about Kelly Brook is that she doesn't have any business getting in front of a camera for anything that requires her to do something more than a superficial amount of acting. Hey, not everyone has those skills. It's not a crime to be a shitty actor. In fact, considering the state of some actors, it might actually be a virtue. One thing Kelly does know how to do very well for the cameras is sell shit. She's the queen of making things look appealing. Take her new promotional duties for HTC smartphones, for which she has herself a set of heavily Photoshopped promos. I'm not a fan of phones in general, but Kelly's great everything inspired me to Google this new model HTC. I've been known to take a picture of some shit from time to time. And my old iPhone is starting to get a little too long in the tooth. It could be Kelly and her splashy dress have made a successful sale there. Coincidentally, that dress is reminiscent of many a sex fantasy I've had of Kelly over the years.

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