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Kelly Brook flaunts her new thickness by torturing a bathing suit

07.14.2016by: Droz

I was wondering when Kelly Brook was going to get around to doing this. It's been apparent for some time now that the buxom British beauty has allowed herself some leeway in the thickness department as of late. Her various appearances at events have indicated this, not to mention the insane cleavage she regularly displays on her chat show It's Not Me

Kelly Brook Cleavage on It's Not Me

Now comes the ultimate proof of Kelly's embrace of a thicker lifestyle. I'm sure some will be put off by just how thick she has become. I will admit this is quite a change from the Kelly we knew just a few years ago. Still, it's Kelly. Are you trying to say you wouldn't? Please. Look at those tits, my god. I have to commend her swimsuit for managing to hold those things in. Wait, what the hell am I saying? Curses to that piece of shit swimsuit! What? Was it too good for a wardrobe malfunction? There's no other swimsuit in the world tits like Kelly's wouldn't stress to the breaking point in some of the positions she's taking in the pics below. Whoever designed that thing is a total prick!

Source: NSFW


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