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Kelly Brook and her awesome jeans are done with the fat jokes

04.02.2015by: Droz

Kelly Brook is back home in London, doing some promotional stuff for Sketchers and looking especially svelte in her all denim getup. Been awhile since we've seen her looking so slim and trim. All those nearly constant workouts she's been doing lately continue to pay off. She looks pretty happy with her efforts, which is the most important part of taking off the weight. You gotta do it for yourself, or else the weight is just gonna come back once the novelty of your new slimness wears off for those around you. Seems to me that losing that weight makes this the perfect time to get herself back into another of those long lost nude spreads she was once so famous for. Remember those? So glorious were they, both in their content and the frequency of their delivery. What better way to celebrate her resurrected slimness than by giving everyone a detailed tour of the restored attractions on her fun park of the body? I'd love to take a ride on her out and back.

Source: NSFW


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