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Kelli Berglund's pink polka dotted ass on the pages of Nation-Alist

05.03.2016by: No Cool Handle

Kelli Berglund is a textbook example of a young hottie who's not so full of herself [that], she thinks using her sexuality to gain notoriety is beneath her. The cynics would say she shouldn't have to resort to such tactics, while the realists will say: whatever works. She's smart for using what works as an advantage instead of wasting her time fighting it. I've never seen anything she's done, I don't know if she's talented and none of that shit matters; what matters is we know who she is. Does it really make a difference that people are familiar with her because of how yummy she looks in this Nation-Alist spread? - nope. She looks A-list so she is A-list; she's the Don Quixote of hotties. If Don Quixote traded his armor in for a polka dotted swim suit.

Source: Nation-Alist


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