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Kelli Berglund uses the Captain America premiere to show how much she's grown

04.15.2016by: No Cool Handle

If only Walt Disney realized while directing his first masterpiece, Steamboat Willie, that a byproduct of his genius would be providing a whole generation with a fresh crop of hotties like Kelli Berglung, here. She's another in a long line of former Disney channel "stars" to undergo her sexual awakening in the public eye. We knew from her Kode magazine spread that she was a feisty one; hardly 18 at the time but already showing signs of a woman whose exhibitionist gene resides, not deep within, but close to the surface. She took her attendance to the CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR premiere as an opportunity to turn her tight little ass towards dozens upon dozens of lenses. All the while giving onlookers a good sense of the strong, sexual being she has become with eyefulls of exposed flesh; presented by way of a plunging neckline, booty shorts and of fine pair of f**k me pumps. Enjoy.

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