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Kelli Berglund in lots of leather for Bello Magazine

12.30.2016by: No Cool Handle

If there's a hottie poised to make an impact in 2017 it's Kelli Berglund... mark me. I was kind of hoping she would detonate a few sexy bombs throughout this past year – no mushroom clouds filled the horizon. What we did end up with were a few sexy firecrackers; explosives safe enough for children but nothing that's going to amaze people with its overwhelming force and all-consuming heat. Her recent shoot for Bello Magazine is a perfect visual aid to better encapsulate the sexy efforts made in 2016. The girl has potential, now all she needs is that one take notice spread – a spark, or something I like to call a 'flint rock shoot' (calling it a game changer seems so antiquated). I'd bet my bollocks to a barn dance Kelly will prove to be very generous with her body. She may be a little slow out of the gate but when she hits her stride, I have a feeling we'll see her really take off.

Source: Bello Magazine


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