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Keleigh Sperry and her hot ass should be a lot more famous

05.20.2015by: Droz

I don't know much about Keleigh Sperry beyond what little info a brief Google search turns up. She's a model and apparently girlfriend to some guy I've never heard of. That's not very interesting, but her great ass certainly is. I've been compiling some samples from various candid bikini pics spreading across the web in recent days, all of which have left me with the impression that this girl needs to be a much bigger thing. That's nothing new. I run across hotties of modest stature all the time who really should be bigger names. Some of them go on to greater glories. Many others are left to languish in relative obscurity. Modelling is a tough gig. Lots of beautiful faces, plenty of perfect bodies. It's like trying to find that one, perfect diamond in a pile of other diamonds. More than ever these ladies have to have something about them that stands out. I think this thickness Keleigh's rocking here qualifies as a stand out feature. It's outstanding by my reckoning.

Source: Moe Jackson


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