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Keke Palmer's sexiness is all over the pages of Galore Magazine

10.03.2016by: No Cool Handle

Scream Queen Keke Palmer is never short on words, just watch any one of her numerous interviews. Galore Magazine saw fit to make the most of her garrulous ways with a lengthy interview to accompany her sexy photo set; covering everything from public perception to growing up in the entertainment industry to working on the Fox show SCREAM QUEENS. She's as busy as she is talented, and, as you can see from these photos, a lot of fun to look at. She's ramping up the amount of skin being shown with each passing image. The only thing separating her boobs from our sight is a pair of petal-shaped pasties, leaving many in anticipation for the day those petals wilt and all we're left with is bare bosom. Still, some nice underboob, a lot of leg and a flat tummy makes for an extremely satisfying set.

Source: Galore


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