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Keke Palmer's breasts will have you seeing stars

01.26.2017by: No Cool Handle

Keke Palmer is going to wear whatever the f**k she wants. Unconcerned with things like fashion sense, this wannabe scream queen (as far as I'm concerned, the ladies of that show have to earn the title; it's not something given) doesn't choose her attire based on whether or not it looks good, but how much attention it will get. No one ever spotted another person wearing a plastic top and stopped to admire it for it's pleasing aesthetic. It's an article of clothing usually seen in future dystopian movies, used as a visual means to satirize the rich upper-class folks wearing them. I'm all for Keke showing her tits – they are nice tits and I want to see them – but in this instance, it comes off like she didn't have the stones to fully commit. Christina Milian would've left them goofy looking pasties out of the equation, remaining fully bent on continuing her shock and awe campaign. Keke has the shock part down, but she's not leaving anyone in the state of awe. That requires nipples, not stickers.

Source: The Nip Slip


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