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Keke Palmer was the only one shocked when the nip inevitably slipped

12.20.2016by: No Cool Handle

... everyone else knows you assume such a risk when going outside in a bra.

I don't know what's gotten into Keke Palmer lately, but anyone with a functional eye knows what's trying to get out. This past week we've seen the 23-year-old scream queen at the head of her own production; a sexy sidewalk show of self-aggrandizing. Perhaps she intends to take up the mantle of exploitation queen by pounding the New York pavement in one skimpy (and often wildly eccentric) outfit after another – with a heavy emphasis on skimpy! Here she is in nothing more than a bra top and tiny skirt, her need for attention palpable. Why else would anyone go outdoors in 30° weather wearing so little? We see a lot of celebrity babes who relish a watchful public, but Keke's willingness to risk hypothermia makes her desire for attention come off as clinically obsessive. Added to which a false reaction of surprise to her right nipple making a run for freedom feels a bit disingenuous. Don't get me wrong, I love Keke. She's crazy hot and embraces her sexuality, however, coming off as too desperate isn't sexy. Love them boobs, though.

Source: NS4W


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