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Keke Palmer remembered to forget buttoning up her jacket

09.23.2015by: No Cool Handle

I've heard mixed things over the last couple days about the new Fox show Scream Queens. I'm a fan of the mass murdering of bitchy sorority sisters horror subgenre, but I hesitate to give it a go. The main reasons guys like me picked up those frayed VHS boxes off the rental shelves was to check the back and make sure some picture indicated there was a chance for nudity amidst the carnage. However, although we know that you can now push the boundaries of acceptable violence on network TV; nudity is still strictly forbidden. I guess they'll just replace that with constant humor referencing the genres own absurdities; I loathe that new cliché.

Thankfully there's the Internet, and if we can't see the incredibly sexy Keke Palmers fleshy bits on Fox, then we can easily click to these latest set of candid photos. Maybe I should've said the incredibly savvy Keke Palmer; she knows she's got the attention of the tween demographic with her show, but to keep the support of the horny male constituency, she has to remember to give them what they crave. In this case she forgot  -- or didn't even bothering -- to button up her jacket. Whatever the reason; it makes for beautiful vistas of her flat, sexy stomach and squeezable lemons -- get it? Cause her bra is yellow. Never mind, just keep the deliberate wardrobe malfunctions coming.


Extra Tidbit: I know she's not nude here either, but at least you don't have to sit through 42 minutes of Valspeak and self-deprecating genre tropes just to get a look at her undies.
Source: Got Celeb


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