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Keke Palmer is sexy club girl chic at the Elle Women in TV event

01.15.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Keke Palmer is at it again. The last time we saw the "Masters of Sex" star, she was giving us a glimpse of her pierced nipples, although that might have been less intentional and just a fortunate-for-us effect from the paps' camera flashes. This time, at the Elle magazine Women in Television event, Palmer played it more conservative, with a cut-away dress that looked better suited for the clubs than for a red carpet Hollywood deal. There's something about Keke, though. She has a wild side, clearly displayed in her multiple piercings (although I really don't understand that one inside of the upper lip, shit looks like it would hurt all the time) but she still manages to not be totally skeevy, like so many of the other young stars (Miley, I'm looking at you) who came up in children's programming. Maybe it's just me, but I like her.
Source: Bossip


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