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Keke Palmer chooses her outfits wisely

08.02.2016by: No Cool Handle

It appears Keke Palmer's driver took a wrong turn. Instead of ending up at the desired destination that was the AVN's, she ended up at the Teen Choice Awards. I would never dare call an outfit like that slutty (except I will and it is; when attending an event that's catered to minors), because under almost any other circumstance, that's my kind of outfit. Slutty implies judgment, and in a negative way. I myself, hardly ever view any of Keke's wardrobe choices in a negative way and this one is no different. She's consistently out there providing hottie enthusiast with a barrage of sexy imagery. I would never in a million years want to play any part, big or small, in deterring her from the brazen path she so effortlessly walks. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to look back at the last few years of hotties attending The Teen Choice Awards to find out if Keke Palmer just set a precedence for how much sexuality can be tastefully discharged during family-friendly viewing.

Source: ns4w


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