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03.31.2016by: No Cool Handle

C**k teasing Ratchet and Clank at WonderCon in a tight, leather mini dress; getting a crappy tattoo; posing topless (covered up, sorry) in Mario Testino's Towel Series and working out, Bella Thorne is one active young lady, capable of inducing morose reflection on one's more mundane daily life. I won't get up and go to the f**king mailbox more than twice a week - do they make a drone for that? Anyway, rather than reiterate tired musings on the fiery red heads sex appeal, the issue at bar is: Why the shitty tattoo(?) designed like something you can find scribbled on some tweens notebook. All of this activity and you're still so bored you let Cletus doodle on your shoulder? One of her best features is her youthful, smooth flesh. It's bad enough some of her recent photo shoots airbrush her pores into oblivion, now she has to go and permanently mark it up? Ok, it's small and non intrusive so we'll chalk this one up to capricious youth, but no more.

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