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Keep your eyes wide open for Emmanuelle Chriqui in a sexy dress

12.02.2016by: Droz

How about that, Emmanuelle Chriqui went and got herself a gig on the Hulu show Shut Eye. We've been lamenting the cruel exclusion of Emmanuelle from much of entertainment for some time now. So nice to see her actively involved in something again. But then it's always happy times when Emmanuelle shows up somewhere in a hot dress that shows off her best sides. It could be relatively shitty times, like now, but when Emmanuelle looks sexy in something tight, everything becomes okay. Funny how that works. She's got a quality about her though. Something in that smile or her face in general makes things feel okay, if only just for a moment. I always get a nice, warm feeling looking at her pictures, so it's got to be orders of magnitude more healing to actually have her around in person. Yeah, in a perfect world we'd all have an Emmanuelle around to give us a boost when we needed it. For now, we gotta be content with pics of her in sexy dresses. Still not bad.

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