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Katy's Maxim's #1

05.11.2010by: Cherry Liquor

Finally, there's something that I can agree on with Maxim magazine's editors. The popular men's rag puts out an annual Top 100 Hottest List and Katy Perry is sitting on the number one spot for 2010. There are those who love her and those who love to hate her, but for the time being, the future Mrs. Russell Brand is riding high with upcoming roles in GET HIM TO THE GREEK and THE SMURFS.

Others on the list included last year's number two babe, Megan Fox, sliding down the list to reside at number 5, Brooklyn Decker, the blonde most popular for being married to Andy Roddick and wearing bikinis for Sports Illustrated, as well as recently getting her first movie role opposite Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston (who was missing from the Top 100 altogether) made an easy number two. (Heh heh... I said "number two." Oh, give me my childish moment for the day.) A favorite around Movie Hotties, Zoe Saldana, was the number 3 babe and no big shocker, long legged and nicely stacked "Gossip Girl" Blake Lively came in at number 4.

Last year, Olivia Wilde topped the list and managed to find herself dropping all the way to number 20. Also low on the scale? Angelina Jolie, who came in at 38, Taylor Swift who was the number 31 girl, right above Jessica Biel at 32. Probably the bigger shocker is that Kim Kardashian, hotly debated here was squarely in the top ten, along with the maligned Olivia Munn. Put that in your toaster and then butter it.

Source: Us Weekly


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