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Katy Perry's Adidass makes her look like a Russian mobster

12.01.2015by: Droz

If there's anything Katy Perry enjoys wearing more than weirdly sexual stage gear in her endless concert tours, it's Adidas workout gear like those she's got on in the pics below. Very similar to those favored by many a Eastern European thug or citizen soldier battling it out in the ruins of country hamlets with AK-47 assault rifles. Or so video games have led me to believe. I can't say weather Katy is attempting to reference said Russo fashion trends, or if she's just a fan of the classic German sportswear company. It does appear that she's putting her own spin on the look by switching out the baggy bottoms for some tight Lycra and a healthy dose of camel toe/booty action. Katy isn't killing anyone in her track suit, but she is killing it by squeezing that curvy body into yoga pants. Yet another great show from a consummate entertainer.

Source: Superior Pics


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