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Katy Perry would sell more shoes if that was all she was wearing

08.17.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I hate to say it, but Katy Perry is not making the most of her time with current beau, Orlando Bloom. While I'm happy to see that their bond appears to be breaking, judging by the annoyed look on her face when he was cuddling up to her a couple days after they were snapped by the paparazzi while he had his dick out, she really could have used that experience to teach her about selling a product. (And seriously, have you ever wanted a thumb to be a nipple more, amiright???)

Katy was off vacation and back on the job in Vegas this week, this time selling a line of platform heels designed for drag queens and Katy Perry fans. The line, called simply Katy Perry Footwear, features all kinds of goofy heels, including pairs with Rubik's Cube heels, see-through PVC material (unlike the shiny, not-see-throughable material she employed for the dresses in the Teenage Dream phase of her career) and mock cigars stems as well. They're totally Katy and I'm sure they'll sell just fine. But damn, wouldn't it have been a helluva lot more wallet opening if she'd only been wearing the damn shoes?

Source: Daily Mail


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