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Katy Perry saved her best dress for the Grammy Awards after party

02.13.2017by: No Cool Handle

The 2017 Grammy Awards – or as Katy Perry thinks of it, an opportunity to tantalize the adoring public – aired last night, although, if it wasn't for a slew of beautiful industry babes making sexy appearances, I would've never known. Had there been any more boob popping out of that neckine, I may not have noticed the yellow head of hair on Katy, either. She showed up to the after party with a generous amount of cleavage on display. While many news outlets chose to focus on Katy Perry's politically motivated performance of 'Chained to the Rhythm', my attention was chained to the 32-year-old pop singer's marvelous mounds. If she wants people to share in her political views, format them into a bullet point list and write them out where everybody is looking (i.e. at her rack, which is obviously where she wanted people to look). This would be of much more effective means of conveying a message. Oh yeah, and I actually dig the blonde hair.

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