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Katy Perry rocks a sheer corset & new boyfriend Orlando Bloom at pre-Grammys party

02.15.2016by: Cherry Liquor
If you're expecting to see Katy Perry changing up her style, she certainly doesn't disappoint - the singer channeled late 80's Madonna with dark hair, a sheer corset and a prominent cross around her neck for a pre-Grammys Spotify party on Sunday night. If you're expecting to see her finally make some good relationship decisions, well... seeing as how Perry was spotted kissing on Orlando Bloom at the Adele concert in Los Angeles Friday night, you might want to change your expectations. Now, Katy's friends are certainly happy that she's taken on Orlando, with buddy Bonnie McKee commenting on the couple at a tribute to Lionel Richie on Saturday, "I would say so," when asked if Bloom was an upgrade from Katy's prior beau, John Mayer. And while I found it amusing to read about Bloom having taken a swing at Justin Bieber in mid-2014, I've also read a ton of unsavory stuff about the actor as well, regarding his pompous attitude in certain situations. And seeing as how Katy has a history of loving those who aren't that shiny, I can't fathom that the rumours regarding Bloom are too off-base. Something had to attract the woman to him, after all.
Source: The Sun


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