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Katy Perry looks tight in a two-piece while vacationing in Cabo

05.10.2017by: No Cool Handle

It looks as though Katy Perry is rightfully rethinking her hasty decision to sport a buzz cut. You could argue [that] the gargantuan-sized hat is merely being used to protect her creamy, delicate skin from harmful UV rays, but I think she's secretly cursing Kristen Stewart for giving her the idea. For now, the hat seems to be doing the trick; I'd rather be focusing on that tight body of hers (it's obvious she's now working hard to keep it in shape) and not the fact that she now somewhat resembles Miley Cyrus. Eccentric pop stars often reinvent themselves and their look, but the whole G.I. Jane thing just ain't working – chalk it up to a swing and a miss. Did I mention her body looks damn tight(?), because it does. The good people of Cabo San Lucas were lucky enough to witness Katy Perry's shoreside frolicking in the tangible universe, we have to settle for some blurry smart phone pics. Unfavorable conditions aside, there are enough pixels present to easily make out her awesome form – that's enough for me.

Source: NS4W


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