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Katy Perry looks like a Dreamsicle with extra creamy filling

10.06.2016by: Droz


It's hard to say which one is more tasty right now - the ice cold orange and cream deliciousness above, or Katy Perry dressed up kinda like that freezer treat. Yeah okay, there's no comparison. What kind of idiot is knowingly gonna pass up Katy for a damn popsicle? None I ever heard of.

These pics are from a few months ago, when Katy was in Vegas selling shoes for some reason. Unfortunately the official pics of this occasion didn't give us sufficient views of her goodness in this sexy outfit. So I think revisiting this event is worth our time, especially since it's become harder and harder to get a glimpse of the pop phenom dressed up this way. You may notice a theme to this afternoon's hottie pics, which I'll go ahead and spoil for you now and describe as "big boobs." Yes, these 3 ladies certainly have those and then some. Katy has enjoyed fame and praise from her fans for her bonuses in the chest area for years. Lately though she's started to burst forth in a bigger way as she lets a little more curve grow forth from her bod. Sure, Katy has never been the petite kind, but her current thickness is fairly unprecedented. I'm not gonna bitch about it. It's clearly doing her favors in all the right places, so do keep it up you tasty treat of a hottie. We'd still give anything for a lick or two of your tastiness.

Source: NSFW


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