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Katy Perry is so money in more ways than one

06.29.2015by: Droz

Am I alone in being a little disturbed at the amount of power the female pop stars seem to be wielding nowadays? You got Taylor Swift essentially bitch-slapping Apple into doing her bidding. Apple, one of the biggest corporations on the planet, totally acquiescing to Taylor's demands like they work for her, which I suppose they do in some ways. Now we got Katy Perry making the cover of Forbes as their 9-figure wonder and probably one of the last exports the US has to offer the world. Clearly we are experiencing some sort of a transfer of power in this country. How long before we see a Perry/Swift ticket for POTUS? Well, about a decade actually, according to current age limitations set on Presidential service. That's nothing a petition and a terse congressional talking to from Taylor and Katy couldn't resolve. If Cupertino can roll over that quickly, imagine how rapid D.C.'s surrender to hot, young things would be. Actually, I'm rather intrigued by the idea of Katy Perry for POTUS. Those would be the biggest tits in the oval office since William Howard Taft.

Source: Forbes


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