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Katy Perry hasn't finished distracting you from her hair by wearing bikinis

07.17.2017by: Cherry Liquor

I feel as if shit just got real in the Katy Perry camp. After chopping off all of her hair due to the massive damage she's done to it with all of the dying and pinning back for wigs, Katy seems to have taken a nose-dive in popularity, which can't sit well with her new album and tour. There are plenty of people who are going to love Perry no matter what length her locks are, judging by the income she rakes in, having been one of the top paid performers in the past 10 years. But for the paparazzi, if she wasn't being appealing, she wasn't worth tracking. And unfortunately Katy set herself up for this predicament by being such a lovely, saucy little minx at the start of her breakout, wearing revealing outfits and shimmying around to display the verve her outstanding body has. So she took some time off to go to Europe and has been doing a lot of bikini wearing, something we hadn't seen from her as much in the past.

Katy has worn more bikinis in this past week than the previous 4 years, and believe you-me, we've always been paying attention to those times around here. Remember the water park from three years ago? I know you do. In between then and now, the bikinis came with a side order of Orlando Bloom peen, so we couldn't really enjoy them as much. So who cares about the hair! We're getting an eyeful of her bending over and eating lunch (I know some of you freaks have a thing for sexy chicks eating while scantily dressed, the internet told me so). I'm guessing some time before 2017 comes to a close, we're going to see another wig or extensions put in. For the time being, I'll take the titty meat in a two piece for $200, Alex.


Source: Got Celeb


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