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Katy Perry hands out slices of pie, glimpses of cleavage in New York

05.01.2017by: Cherry Liquor
Here I was, all happy to put out this post of Katy Perry showing off her famously fine cleavage at a promotional event in New York where she handed out cherry pie in honor of her new single, "Bon Appetit," (don'tcha just love how that has "tit" right in it?) and then... well, she goes and does another stupid thing. While Perry was in NY on Saturday, she later took to Instagram in a live video to dismiss a fan who commented on not liking her new hair, referencing the old black color in relation to missing Barack Obama as president. One Twitter user had the best comeback, for those of you familiar with Chris Lilley's character Ja'mie, a privileged private school girl who decided to attend public school (originally on the show Summer Heights High), comparing Perry and her cluelessness to the character. I have to agree. There's a small part of me that wants to defend her with the whole, "she was raised by head-up-the-ass, borderline televangelist religious douchebags and still doesn't know any better," but she's still trying to sell herself as "woke" to all of the exact stuff that she's doing. So, well, it's kinda indefensible at this point. Excellent job killing the comeback before you actually came back, Katy. Nice tits, though.
Source: Saw First


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