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Katy Perry goes red for the Harper's Bazaar Icons party in New York

09.18.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I've always appreciated Katy Perry's wide ranging sense of style. She can look just as good in a crocheted mini dress with blue & black streaked hair as she can when decked out in the tightest, fanciest custom-made designer gowns. Fashion, if you look at Katy, really is all in the way you carry yourself. I just wish she would knock it off with the wigs. Back in May, she headed over to the Met Gala with what she referred to as her "Kris Jenner wig" and knocked out the cleavage in a spray-painted Moschino dress. Now she's entering the Harper's Bazaar Icons party in a wig that has such a severe cutoff at her hairline that it actually makes her look as if her hair is receding. I'd much rather her keep that multi-hued set of extensions that she's been pictured in, even if it means weird Instagram photos of her sucking on a hookah with a mermaid who has fallen victim to an oil spill.
Source: Harper's Bazaar


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