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Katy Perry gets on her knees for fashion at Jeremy Scott documentary premiere

09.09.2015by: Cherry Liquor
I don't know what kind of lighting Katy Perry's makeup artist was working in when she slathered the singer with far too much foundation or bronzer or whatever the hell is so heavily applied to her face (perhaps it was to cover up bumps/bruises from her Segway incident at Burning Man) but yuck. I understand that Perry tends to go a bit heavy handed with the makeup in general for any of the appearances she makes and that the unmade-up images of her (including that unflattering Twitter photo that former husband Russell Brand infamously shared) but I don't get it. I like her adorned face. She's kinda adorkable without the war paint. Still, at the premiere of the documentary for her favorite Moschino designer, JEREMY SCOTT: THE PEOPLE'S DESIGNER, Katy was willing to get down and place her hands in the glittery sidewalk, showing off copious amounts of that other feature of hers we all love. We're never going to have a Playboy spread from this gal because as wild as she'd like to believe she can get, there's just no Belinda Carlisle, middle-aged, full monty shoot in her future. Sadly, she'd probably give up the makeup before the bush shots. 
Source: Perez Hilton


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