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Katy Perry gets fashionably almost nude for Moschino

06.18.2015by: Droz

Don't consider this an endorsement for whatever crazy bullshit Katy Perry is modelling in these ads for Moschino. I gave up trying to understand or conform to fashion trends a long time ago. I'm strictly a t-shirt and jeans guy at this point. I think it's about time Katy makes a similar downshift more adult apparel. I realize she prefers to keep her fashion options leaning toward the bizarre side of things. Just look at the knit nightmare she's wearing while out and about in Mykonos right now.

Wow. Keeping it weird is her thing, but let's face it - we're not kids anymore. Wearing dumb ass street gear nonsense like this is a game for the whippersnappers. I think it's best to avoid becoming another Madonna, still futzing around with fashions at 56 that were intended for people with way less years behind them. That said, whenever Katy wants to partially disrobe from something she's wearing, I'm totally down for that no matter what it is. I don't see her getting too old for that any time soon.

Source: Moschino


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